Depending on your financial situation and the state of the housing market in your area, 每种选择都有优点和缺点. 

一方面,一方面, selling seems like common sense in today’s housing market—there’s plenty of incentive to sell right now, 低利率和不断上涨的房价. 另一方面, 你可能会对把自己的家变成出租房感到好奇, allowing your property to pay for itself as it gains value and you continue to build equity.



租房有几个显著的好处. 这里有一些:

  • 你将继续在你的财产中建立权益

  • 你将从每月的租金中获得一些被动收入. 

  • You can then use the equity to qualify for a better loan with lower interest rates, making it possible to invest in more rental properties in a shorter period.


Overall, investing in rental properties can be very financially rewarding. 例如, 保险, 抵押贷款利率, and maintenance expenditures can all be deducted from a rental property’s tax return, 其他税收优惠.



The biggest one, obviously, is the amount you could get in profit from the sale. You may even get numerous bids at or over your asking price if you’re in a seller’s market. You may even receive bids significantly higher than your home’s asking price.

此外,租房带来的风险可以通过出售来避免. 例如, you can avoid the possibility of having a bad resident (or having a difficult time finding one at all) by opting to sell instead.


你应该出售还是出租? It depends on various factors; no one answer will suit everyone. 

Below, we list a variety of scenarios that may influence your decision.


1. 当地的租赁需求很高

如果你所在社区或城市的租房需求很高, 你可以考虑把房子租出去而不是卖掉. 通常, 城市地区的租赁需求强劲, 大学, 以及有新发展或就业市场蓬勃发展的地区. 

2. 你想当房东

If the thought of renting out and managing properties has always interested you, 这种兴奋感会帮助你成功.

3. 你的房子有方便出租的设施

即使它不再适合你的需要, someone else may find that your house is the ideal place to call home. If your property has amenities that set it apart from similar rentals and make it more desirable to residents, 你应该考虑把房子租出去,而不是卖掉. 这是成功租赁的关键. 

公寓网站上搜索最多的设施.com are things like granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, 室外空间, 通过性, 内置洗衣机和烘干机, 还有充足的停车位.

4. 你可以从中获利

If you can charge more in rent than you have to pay to cover your mortgage, 保险, 还有每月的财产税, 你可以从租金中赚取利润和被动收入. 

While your income will accrue slowly over time (compared to the amount you could get immediately by selling), 你的权益也会增加. 此外,你的房子可能会增值. Each factor contributes to your overall profits if you choose to sell later.

5. 你期望你的邻居的房产价值上涨

虽然不可能百分百确定, you might be able to make an informed forecast of property values in your neighborhood. 利用你的房子的潜在价值的增长, 将其出租可能比直接出售要好.


1. 这是卖方市场

在卖方市场, 没有多少待售房屋, 而在同一时间, 很多人都想买. 如果你在这样的市场上销售, 你的房产会有很多需求, 哪一个能帮你拿到最高的价格.

If the inventory of homes in your area has dropped or prices in your area have gone up quickly in a short amount of time, 这是一个很好的方式来告诉你是在卖方市场.

2. 你不能收取足够的租金来盈利

在一个完美的世界, 你收的租金够支付你的抵押贷款了, 保险, 房产税, 以及维护成本, 再加上一点额外的钱来填补空缺. 否则,你将无法从租金中获利. 

重要的是要意识到,即使你的财产价值很高, that may not necessarily correlate to being able to charge correspondingly high rent. How much rent you can charge for a home depends on how much a resident would be willing to pay and how much demand for rentals is in your area. You can get an idea of how much you’d be able to charge for your home by looking at similar rental properties near you.

3. 你需要现金再买一件东西

If you need money to make a down payment on your next home or to make another large purchase, selling will allow you to access the equity tied up in your current home. 

4. 你可以扣除资本利得

如果你把房子卖得比你付的多, 你最多可以扣除250美元,000(或高达500美元),000 if you are married) of the profit you made from the sale from your taxes. 

然而, you are only eligible for this exemption if you have lived in the home as your primary residence for at least two of the last five years.

租金和. 销售计算器

在决定出租或出售时,有许多因素需要权衡, 但决策的关键在于确定最佳价值. This requires you to crunch the numbers to determine how much you’ll earn by selling and how much you’d earn by renting the property. 这些数字将帮助你决定哪条路线最适合你.

在线计算器是一个很好的工具. 我们喜欢全国住宅物业经理协会 租金和. 销售计算器. And for those interested in renting and working with a property manager, you can also use Evernest’s 价格比较工具 to compare property management fees and receive a free 10-year cash flow projection. 


Deciding whether you should rent or sell your home depends on various factors. We hope that this guide helped you understand these factors so you can use them to determine which would be the best decision for you. 

如果你对租房还有疑问, 给我们捎个信! We’d love to answer your questions and help you determine if renting is right for you. 

Source: This content was originally written and published for Evernest at Evernest.co